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Welcome to Bass River Car Wash. We have been operating since 1962 when Warren Baker of Bass River built and started the first 5 bay, self-service car wash on Cape Cod, the Jenney Car Wash. In the late 60’s he converted one of the bays into an automatic “roll over” car wash. In 1976 the present owners refurbished the whole car wash, putting in new self service equipment and removing the automatic roll over and installed a new “state of the art” roll over machine. This machine did a great job of cleaning cars but it took 6 minutes per car!  After about 6 years, the machine was removed and a “drive through” type system was installed to wash with the same quality in much less time.  3 years later, after many hair raising experiences, we put in a surface conveyor system. This system gave us a lot more control over the customers’ vehicles during the wash process.

Since those early days we have been constantly changing and upgrading equipment on both sides of the car wash business.  We go to trade shows twice a year to keep up with the newest and most efficient practices and equipment in the industry.

We are located at: 
15 Old Main St, 
MA ,02664
(across the street from Seafood Sams)

Self-service open 24/7.
Automatic wash open: Monday - Sunday from 8am to 5pm.
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